About Us

Nineteen48 is a commercial enterprise with a social conscience. We contribute actively to charitable projects in Sri Lanka at this important time in the country’s redevelopment, following so many years of internal conflict.

With the help of our supporters and partners, we are able to make a positive impact on the lives of many people in Sri Lanka and assist them significantly with rebuilding their beautiful country.


Nineteen48’s vision is to create a foundation that can fund charitable and social enterprise projects in Sri Lanka far into the future. We want our organisation to be recognised for the good it does for the community and to leave a legacy of which we will be proud.

Mission Statement

We operate a successful commercial venture trading in Sri Lankan gemstones and jewellery which enables us to directly support charitable projects in Sri Lanka.

Why Nineteen48?

We chose the name Nineteen48 for our company, because 1948 was the year that Sri Lanka gained independence from the UK and it is therefore a significant date for the Sri Lankan people and one which also shows the historical link between the two countries.

We hope that Nineteen48 can also become a significant part of the future of Sri Lanka.

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