Our Values

Nineteen48′s ethos is encapsulated in the following three values:

  • Charitable
  • Commercial
  • Ethical


We aim to contribute a minimum of 25% of our company’s profits directly to charitable projects in Sri Lanka, specifically those projects which are aimed at giving educational opportunities to underprivileged children or young people.

At the same time, our ultimate goal is to establish a separate foundation which will provide investment and donations to charitable projects and social enterprises over the long term.

We regularly review the proportion of our profits that we can contribute to either the charitable projects or the foundation fund and we aim to maximise those amounts, whilst maintaining a sufficient cash flow for the business itself.


To generate the profits from which we make charitable donations, Nineteen48 operates as a commercial entity, with a clear focus on trading in gemstones sourced primarily from Sri Lanka.

By trading with Sri Lanka in this way, we are also helping the local economy and specific communities within the country.

We understand that there are inevitable operating costs which arise from running any business, but we are committed to keeping those costs to a minimum. We also appreciate that it is necessary to reinvest some profits into the commercial side of Nineteen48 in order to grow the business, but that this reinvestment is balanced with our ability to make charitable donations on a regular basis.


Nineteen48 is fully committed to doing business in an ethical and responsible way.

As well as producing from our own mines, we have a small and select group of Sri Lankan partners from whom we sometimes purchase gemstones. These partners also follow best practice when mining and processing their gem material.

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