Ethical Policy

Nineteen48 is fully committed to following ethical and responsible practices, both in terms of manufacture and production, as well as sales and marketing.

At Nineteen48, we insist that our partners (as well as ourselves) follow strict ethical practices. Being ethical means that they treat their employees fairly and they operate in a safe and environmentally-friendly way. We expect that our partners follow all relevant laws and regulations, such as licences for mining or gem dealing, fair pay and no child labour.

We aim to ensure that all of our products and services are sourced, processed and delivered in line with this policy.

Before we start a trading relationship with another business, we look closely at the way they operate. This includes, for example, visiting their premises, reviewing any relevant documentation and speaking with their staff. We also discuss with our partners the best way to achieve full traceability of their products and any improvements that may be required to bring them in line with responsible trading practices.

We adhere strongly to the policy of full disclosure and expect our partners and suppliers to do the same.

Our aim is to provide a completely transparent and traceable route to market for all of our gemstones, so that you have guaranteed peace of mind.

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