Chrysoberyl, 0.91 carat, oval cut ** SOLD **

This gemstone is a beautiful shade of golden yellow, with a good cut and a great lustre.

Chrysoberyl is a particularly hard and durable gemstone (only diamond and corundum are harder), so it takes an excellent polish and is very well suited to jewellery that is worn daily.

This gem would be ideal for a ring, especially if you are looking for something less common than sapphire or ruby and certainly more affordable (under £50 per carat).

This stone was responsibly mined in the Nivithigala region of Sri Lanka and is guaranteed untreated in any way.

Colour – Yellow
Type – Chrysoberyl 
Quantity – 1 
Weight – 0.91ct 
Dimension – 6 x 5 x 3 mm (approx) 
Shape / Cut – Oval
Source – Sri Lanka 
Enhancements – None
Birthstone – N/A

Nineteen48 brings you ethical gemstones from known sources in Sri Lanka, including gems from our own mines.

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