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Blue sapphire, 3.4 carat, oval cut, royal blue

A lover’s guide to sapphire by Richard Hughes

As huge fans of sapphire, we were considering writing a blog post to wax lyrical about this wondrous gemstone, when we came across an article on the subject by the world-famous expert, Richard W. Hughes. Having read Richard’s piece, there was very little point in trying to better it, so we decided to simply bring it […]

Gemming in Ceylon – a reprint by H. V. Sardha Ratnavira

Thank you to Pala International’s Bill Larson for including this article in his newsletter in September 2014. It is interesting to see how little has changed in the last 75 years in Sri Lanka’s gem mining industry. The following brief overview of gem mining in what is now known as Sri Lanka was written by H. […]