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Nineteen48 and Rubyfair merge to create a better customer experience

Two of the UK’s leading suppliers of ethically sourced and traceable coloured gemstones, Nineteen48 (www.nineteen48.com) and Rubyfair (www.rubyfair.com), have announced a merger of their businesses. The merger will give customers a more efficient service and a greater range of coloured gemstones from one unified sales channel. Nineteen48 specialises in fully traceable coloured gemstones from Sri […]

Amethyst, 12.18 carat, emerald cut

Birthstones – a year in gems (part 1 of 4 – January to March)

Certain gemstones are associated with particular months of the year and are known as birthstones. There are lists of birthstones from a number of different organisations, as well as certain regional variations. These are the more common month/gemstone combinations for January, February and March: January – Garnet From the reds and oranges of pyrope, hessonite […]

Garnet, 1.91 carat, baguette cut, red / pink

The colourful world of garnets

Although often considered as a single type of common gemstone (typically red in colour), garnets are actually a family of related minerals that comes in an entire rainbow of colours. From the deep red of the pyrope garnet to the dazzling orange of spessartite to the vivid green of tsavorite, there is a colour for […]

Amy Winehouse sparkles again

Nineteen48 recently had the pleasure of collaborating with Dorset-based sculptor, Linda Joyce, by adding a touch of sparkle to Linda’s sculpture of Amy Winehouse. We sourced a selection of garnets and moonstone that were used to enhance Amy’s heart-shaped tattoos, her lip stud and even put a twinkle in her eye. Linda has donated the […]