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Nineteen48 logo

Nineteen48 and Rubyfair merge to create a better customer experience

Two of the UK’s leading suppliers of ethically sourced and traceable coloured gemstones, Nineteen48 (www.nineteen48.com) and Rubyfair (www.rubyfair.com), have announced a merger of their businesses. The merger will give customers a more efficient service and a greater range of coloured gemstones from one unified sales channel. Nineteen48 specialises in fully traceable coloured gemstones from Sri […]

Sri Lankan geuda

Is Sri Lanka the “sweet shop” of gems?

Looking through the gem gravels in Sri Lanka is the gemmological equivalent of being a kid in the proverbial candy store. Gem mines on the island tend to be secondary deposits, rather than primary gem sources. That has a thrilling, yet challenging, knock-on effect. A secondary (or placer) deposit is where the gem material has spent […]

Spinel, 2.39 carat, cushion cut, purple / violet

Spinel – the affordable alternative to the big three?

It’s not everyone that can afford to own a sapphire, ruby or emerald, but there are some very attractive alternatives when it comes to buying coloured gemstones. One of those alternatives is spinel, a much underrated gemstone that is found in several parts of Asia and Africa, historically in Sri Lanka and Burma, as well […]