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Nineteen48 logo

Nineteen48 and Rubyfair merge to create a better customer experience

Two of the UK’s leading suppliers of ethically sourced and traceable coloured gemstones, Nineteen48 (www.nineteen48.com) and Rubyfair (www.rubyfair.com), have announced a merger of their businesses. The merger will give customers a more efficient service and a greater range of coloured gemstones from one unified sales channel. Nineteen48 specialises in fully traceable coloured gemstones from Sri […]

Blue topaz, 13.13 carat, marquise cut

Topaz – a “common” gemstone of uncommon beauty

Topaz is a very attractive gemstone, which comes in many different colours including blue, pink, red, yellow, brown and colourless. Colourless and yellow topaz are fairly “common” gem materials which can be found in many countries across the world. In crystal form, topaz can be very large compared to some other gemstones. It is therefore […]