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Watermelon tourmaline (photo Gemstone Magic)

A colour for every occasion – the rainbow world of tourmaline

Although tourmaline is not the rarest of gems and is often seen in jewellery, not many people appreciate the entire colour range of this fascinating family of minerals. Tourmaline occurs all over the world. Primary deposits are found in many countries, most notably Brazil (all colours), Afghanistan (blue and green) and the USA (green and […]

Sri Lankan geuda

Is Sri Lanka the “sweet shop” of gems?

Looking through the gem gravels in Sri Lanka is the gemmological equivalent of being a kid in the proverbial candy store. Gem mines on the island tend to be secondary deposits, rather than primary gem sources. That has a thrilling, yet challenging, knock-on effect. A secondary (or placer) deposit is where the gem material has spent […]

Discovering the treasures of the Kristall Gallerie

In the town of Swakopmund on the Namibian coast, there is a fairly unassuming structure that could easily be overlooked as a modern apartment block or office building. However, housed within is a quite staggering array of minerals and gemstones. Gem lovers and rockhounds who find themselves in this part of Africa should undoubtedly spend […]