17Feb Nineteen48 & Rubyfair Merge to Create a Better Customer Experience

Two of the UK’s leading suppliers of ethically sourced and traceable coloured gemstones, Nineteen48 (www.nineteen48.com) and Rubyfair (www.rubyfair.com), have announced a merger of their businesses. The merger will give customers a more efficient service and…

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15Feb The Science of Sapphire – a Gemmological View of September’s Birthstone

Many people are impressed with the sheer beauty and sparkling magnificence of sapphire, but behind the dazzling outward appearance, there are plenty of fascinating facts and figures. Some of these attributes are essential for gemmologists…

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10Feb Rockhounding in Tucson – a First-timer’s View of the Biggest Gem Show on Earth

We generally expect that, whatever the Americans do, it is going to be on a grand scale. From presidential elections to the Superbowl, everything has to be bigger, brighter and bolder than anything you have…

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