01Feb The Hidden Gems of Elmhurst – a Review of the Lizzadro Museum

There are many places around the world where one can see amazing collections of gemstones and jewellery. Major museums are often the proud owners of a wide range of minerals and fossils or beautiful items that have been worn by some of the most famous historical figures.However, alongside these world-renowned…

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17Jan Greg Valerio – the Right Kind of Troublemaker

There are times when an industry needs people to stand up and challenge the status quo, to point out what is wrong and to try to do something about it.For the jewellery sector, one of those people has been Greg Valerio. For well over a decade, Greg has made a…

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05Jan Two Easy Questions to Ensure You Buy Ethical Jewellery

When it comes to changing the course of an industry, it is the spending power of the customer that has the biggest impact. Whilst legislation and campaigning from within can go so far, it is when consumers begin to vote with their hard-earned cash that retailers truly start to pay…

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