19May Nineteen48’s Gems Achieve Jeweltree Certification Standard

Nineteen48’s customers are now able to obtain a Jeweltree Certificate with their purchase of any gemstone from Nineteen48’s own mines in Sri Lanka.Together with the Jeweltree Foundation, Nineteen48 has set up a thorough “track & trace” due…

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09May A Lover’s Guide to Sapphire by Richard Hughes

As huge fans of sapphire, we were considering writing a blog post to wax lyrical about this wondrous gemstone, when we came across an article on the subject by the world-famous expert, Richard W. Hughes.Having read…

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02May Working in the Pit – the Daily Life of a Sri Lankan Gem Miner

For a gem miner in Sri Lanka (as in most parts of the world), life follows a fairly regular routine, dictated largely by the hours of daylight available and the weather conditions.Working days begin soon…

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