19May Nineteen48’s Gems Achieve Jeweltree Certification Standard

Nineteen48’s customers are now able to obtain a Jeweltree Certificate with their purchase of any gemstone from Nineteen48’s own mines in Sri Lanka.Together with the Jeweltree Foundation, Nineteen48 has set up a thorough “track & trace” due diligence procedure to ensure a guaranteed mine to finger protocol. This means customers buying a gemstone…

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09May A Lover’s Guide to Sapphire by Richard Hughes

As huge fans of sapphire, we were considering writing a blog post to wax lyrical about this wondrous gemstone, when we came across an article on the subject by the world-famous expert, Richard W. Hughes.Having read Richard’s piece, there was very little point in trying to better it, so we decided…

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02May Working in the Pit – the Daily Life of a Sri Lankan Gem Miner

For a gem miner in Sri Lanka (as in most parts of the world), life follows a fairly regular routine, dictated largely by the hours of daylight available and the weather conditions.Working days begin soon after sunrise and end towards sunset, as there is often very little artificial lighting on…

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