27Jan Beautiful Blue Sapphire Now in Stock

In recent weeks, we have been fortunate enough to add several outstanding examples to our stock of blue Ceylon sapphire.

Our new stock includes an outstanding oval cut, royal blue sapphire, weighing 3.4 carats which is a truly beautiful gemstone, ideally suited for an impressive ring or necklace.

Sri Lanka is the source of some of the best sapphires and rubies in the world. The stones are still mined by hand from gravel deposits that cover many areas of the country.

Sapphires from Sri Lanka can be a wide range of beautiful blues, but they are typically light-to-medium blue. Some of the largest Sri Lankan cut gemstones weigh up to several hundred carats.

For more details of this stone and to see other examples from our range of sapphires, please take a look at our blue sapphires in our online product catalogue.

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