31May Ethically-sourced Sapphires and Rubies From Sri Lanka

Following our recent field trip to Sri Lanka, we have a stock of fully traceable blue sapphires that are guaranteed ethically sourced. The sapphires all come from a mine in the Elahera region.

The stones range from 0.41 to 1.35 carats with a variety of shades of blue available. Prices start from just £75 and range up to £295 for a 1.35 carat, cushion cut stone.

We also have two excellent rubies (0.47 carat and 0.58 carat) and a beautiful pink sapphire from a mine near Pelmadulla. These high quality stones are priced at £125 each for the rubies and £150 for the pink sapphire.

To find out more, please contact us on 07747-624040 or via email on info@nineteen48.com.

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