08Nov Explore the World of Gemstones With a Gem Workshop From Nineteen48

Would you like to expand your gemstone knowledge? Understand more about how gems are formed and where they are found? Perhaps learn how to tell them apart and how much they are worth?

At Nineteen48, we believe that we have a role to play in promoting the subjects of gems and gemmology to as wide an audience as possible.

We run sessions at jewellery schools across the UK, which are designed to educate and enthuse students (both professional and non-professional) in a number of topics relating to gemstones. We cover areas such as:

  • gem properties
  • methods of identification
  • gemmologist’s tools
  • treatments
  • sourcing & mining
  • valuation & buying

Our gem workshops are suitable if you are a complete beginner, but will also be useful if you have some previous knowledge, for example, you are a jewellery maker who wants to know more about the materials you use in your studio.

You benefit from a combination of taught sessions and hands-on activities, learning both the theory and practice of gemmology and related subjects. You can also examine a wide range of gemstones – essential for any gemmologist!

We like to think that we have something that will appeal to everyone, whatever your background or particular interest.

Request a gem workshop

If you would like to attend a gem workshop or even work with us to arrange a session at your jewellery school then simply send an email to info@nineteen48.com.

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