10Feb Jewelry Journeys with Stuart Pool (Ethical Metalsmiths interview)

As part of the "Illuminators - Conversations with Changemakers" series, Chloe Pflug interviewed Nineteen48's Stuart Pool about how he came to be an ethical gem trader and the path that he has followed since entering the gemstone industry in 2010.

In the blog post, Stuart talks about starting Nineteen48, developing the business in Sri Lanka, the creation of the Fair Luxury community and the Moyo Gems project with women miners in Tanzania.

"When we started Nineteen48, we were naïvely amazed at how little people knew about gemstone sourcing, and we quickly became aware that we greatly cared to know exactly where our gems were coming from and how they were being mined", explained Stuart.

To find out what happened next, read the full article, "Jewelry Journeys with Stuart Pool", in The Source blog by Ethical Metalsmiths.


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