12Feb Kandy Kids Trip to Sri Lanka 2014

January was a busy month for Kandy Kids, with co-founder, Steve O’Driscoll, spending a few weeks in Sri Lanka overseeing all types of new projects at the orphanages supported by the charity.

A lot of work was required at the Tikiri Sevana orphanage which has added another 15 babies since last year, bringing the total to 35. Steve oversaw the installation of a new gate and fence to enclose the children’s playground, as well as general repairs and repainting of the playground equipment. Kandy Kids also donated 5 new beds and provided food, medicine and other supplies required on a day-to-day basis.

Restored and repainted playground equipment

At the Sighiti Sevana orphanage, no major work was required this year, so Steve organised a number of events for the children, including some very popular tea parties. In addition, he donated food, toys and helped with some of the orphanage’s daily requirements.

Unfortunately, Steve was unable to visit the Sarana Sevana orphanage this year, as they are awaiting the appointment of a new governor. However, as soon as the new person is in place then Kandy Kids will be back to help there too.

Kandy Kids extended some help to another institution this year, the Daya Nivasa care home. This home was founded by Mother Teresa and is run by a team of nuns. The home has barely any financial support and had a long list of essential requirements, so Steve did his best to donate as much as he could, including food, milk powder and detergent.

Steve also managed to find time to visit the Sunrise Orphanage in Negombo, which houses 29 orphaned girls aged from 4 to 13, who come from all over Sri Lanka. The home is run by Anusha Lux, a Sri Lankan lady who is based in Germany. Having seen the good work being done by Anusha and her team, Kandy Kids is aiming to provide some assistance to the orphanage next year.

Steve at Sunrise Orphanage

“It has been another very busy visit”, concluded Steve at the end of his trip. “The main thing is that we have achieved so much with the money raised and it is always so gratifying to see the benefits. We thank all of our sponsors for their generosity and I look forward to coming back next year to continue our good work.”

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