09Jul Moyo Gemstones - how it all began

We are privileged to be part of the Moyo Gems project, a ground-breaking programme, working with the members of the Tanzanian Women Miners' Association (TAWOMA) in Tanga, Tanzania.

This potentially life-changing project has been described by our commercial partner, Monica Stephenson of Anza Gems:

"This could be a way out of poverty for these women and their children, through a natural resource they can harness. We can help bridge the gap of knowledge to help them mine better, safer and more productively, and give them a fair market value for their gems. And we can help them tell their stories and bring their beautiful gems to light."

You can read more about how the Moyo Gems project began in this excellent article by Brecken Branstrator:


You can find the latest Moyo Gemstones available on our website here:


We thank you for your support!

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