01Mar Official Recognition for Kandy Kids

The co-founder of Kandy Kids, Steve O’Driscoll, was in Sri Lanka in January, working on a range of projects for the charity. Whilst he was there, Steve was invited to talk to some of the local authorities about his work.

The outcome of the discussions was that Kandy Kids has received an official endorsement from the commissioner responsible for orphanages in the Kandy region. This is well-deserved recognition for all of the good work the charity has done over recent years and means that it is now much easier for Kandy Kids to deal with the orphanages in that area and implement new projects quickly and efficiently.

“This is a major achievement for Kandy Kids and we cannot express how pleased we are to have received this seal of approval from the authorities here in Kandy. It should help us get things done much faster and with less red tape in the future”, commented Steve after his trip.

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