01Jun Our latest charity partner - The Rosie May Foundation

We are very happy to announce that the latest charitable cause we have chosen to support is the Rosie May Foundation, an inspiring charity which is turning tragedy into hope across the world. 

The foundation was born out of unthinkable loss and heartache, but has evolved as a vital force for improving the lives of women and children across the globe, specifically in Sri Lanka and Nepal, as well as providing support to communities in the UK.

In 2003, 10-year-old Rosie May was murdered at a Christmas party. The impact on her family was devastating, but after a tough year of coping and adjusting, they took a holiday in the Maldives away from the memories of the previous Christmas. However, tragedy seemed to follow when the infamous tsunami on Boxing Day 2004 wreaked devastation in the the region. Stopping over in Sri Lanka, the family witnessed the mind-numbing devastation and in particular the thousands of orphaned girls. Girls that were in many ways just like their Rosie May.

The family decided to turn tragedy into hope and create a living legacy to their daughter. Soon afterwards, a new home to support children orphaned by the tsunami was opened and became the first of many inspiring and life changing projects devised by the foundation. Many of these girls were reunited with siblings, received love, support and education. It is a legacy which continues today with many abandoned and orphaned girls. 

As well as the homes that have been established, the Rosie May Foundation has funded a fleet of pink tuk-tuk taxis (three-wheeled vehicles) in Sri Lanka. These tuk-tuks are driven by mothers who have been trained to provide safe transportation for women and children who would otherwise be very likely to suffer harassment on public transport. At the same time as providing an essential service, the drivers receive an income and a new sense of respect in society. Rosie May’s parents have said, "this unique concept of women driving for women in highly visible pink tuk-tuks as a taxi service is breaking gender and cultural barriers".

During the 2020 pandemic crisis, the foundation coordinated volunteers to provide food parcels and essential supplies to those in most need during the lockdown in Sri Lanka, ensuring that they would not have to make the awful choice between risking infection by the virus or their families going hungry.

We are proud to have contributed in a small way to the work of the Rosie May Foundation and we look forward to developing our relationship with this incredible charity and playing a part in supporting their amazing projects from now on.

Read more about the tuk-tuk project on the Rosie May website - https://www.rosie-may.com/the-future-is-pink/

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