15Nov The Power of Blue Sapphire

Blue sapphire from Sri Lanka is amongst the most precious of all gemstones and the Ceylon Sapphire has been prized by royalty for many centuries. However, along with its beauty and rarity, blue sapphire has historically been attributed with many other powers and characteristics.

Traditionally, blue sapphire symbolizes truth, faithfulness and honesty. It has often been associated with a sense of purity and love, which provides the strength to stay on the right path in life.

It is also said that sapphire can enhance the ability to communicate and express oneself, allowing individuals to share their true thoughts and feelings with one another. In addition, sapphire may promote clarity of vision to overcome problems and challenges.

Many people believe that sapphire can promote serenity and calm the mind, which, in turn, alleviates depressed moods and fosters an overall sense of peace and wellbeing.

Blue sapphire, 1.59 carat, pear / teardrop cut, medium blue

It is believed that dark blue sapphire will allow someone to use their full creative potential, whereas light blue sapphire brings inspiration and helps to cultivate new ideas or enhance ways of thinking.

There is a strong association between blue sapphire and the throat. According to crystal healing therapy, sapphire reduces throat-related problems and may also calm fevers, headaches and nose bleeds.

In ancient times, blue sapphire was even thought to increase a person’s life span.

So when wearing a blue sapphire, not only are you in possession of an item of rare beauty, you may also benefit from a whole range of other positive effects…

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