28Mar Visit to the Emerge Reintegration Centre

As you walk into the new Emerge Reintegration Centre in Colombo, there is an instant feeling of calm, peacefulness and positivity. Before even going inside the building, there is a sense that this is much more than simply another house in a quiet sidestreet. However, when you begin to appreciate what is happening here, you realise that this is an essential step in a journey that rebuilds lives…

Firstly, some background on the organisation behind the centre. Emerge (www.emergeglobal.org) is a small charity providing aid and shelter to girls and young women who have been subjected to abuse or violence. For some time, the charity had recognised the need to offer additional support and education to the girls when they are leaving the shelters to prepare them for living in the community.

With this goal in mind, the team at Emerge acquired and renovated a building that can now accommodate up to 20 young women. Here they can spend a few months learning everything from IT and business skills to self defence. It eases the drastic transition from the shelters to the outside world.

The Reintegration Centre was opened in 2016 and the careful planning has clearly produced impressive results. The environment engenders a sense of purpose, where its residents can ready themselves for their new lives. The Emerge staff are second to none and they are fully committed to giving the women the best possible preparation for their future.

We are very proud to support Emerge as one of our chosen charities and we wish them every success with the new centre.

There’s a short video tour here – https://www.dropbox.com/s/ufdnke0b3as67d7/IMG_1527.mov?dl=0

For more information about the centre, please visit the Emerge website – http://emergeglobal.org/big-news-we-are-launching-our-own-transition-centre-in-2016/

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