Buy Gemstones Online

Nineteen48 is one of the leading gemstone suppliers from which you can buy gemstones online in a safe, secure and easy way.

We have a reputation as a trusted company in the industry, with full transparency of our operations. If you are ever in Sri Lanka, you are welcome to visit our mining and cutting operations there. We place a huge emphasis on ethical and responsible sourcing. You can read about our commitments in our ethical policy.

When buying gemstones online, if you are in the trade, then the first thing to do is to register for a trade account online which is free of charge. Once approved, you will receive significant trade discounts when you purchase gemstones.

We aim to offer a personal service and you can contact us at any time about your gemstone requirements. We are always here if you need any support or help. 

We use the website to make it easier for you to buy gemstones online, whenever it suits you and wherever you are in the world, but we still like to work with all our clients and partners in the ways that suit them best.

You can also see the latest updates about the company on our Facebook and Instagram pages, so please follow us there as well.

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