Environmental Policy

Nineteen48 understands that, in conducting our day-to-day business, we inevitably have an impact on the environment in numerous ways and we must be conscious to minimise that impact. Therefore, we are committed to reducing any negative impact through continuous monitoring of our environmental performance and making improvements wherever possible.

Our business activities are monitored and assessed to promote continuous improvement in our environmental performance.

This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Compliance with all relevant laws and regulations relating to the environment
  • Consideration of our risks and opportunities related to the environment
  • Maintaining a good level of environmental awareness so that we can can make sound planning decisions
  • Promoting a sustainable approach to business, in partnership with our customers and other stakeholders by conserving energy, minimising consumption and favouring low pollution materials
  • Integrating sustainability considerations into our business decisions
  • Preventing pollution wherever possible and minimizing the environmental impact throughout the life cycle of equipment, tools and any other physical assets under our control
  • Minimising the amount of waste to landfill through the adoption of the waste hierarchy - eliminate, reduce, reuse and recycle
  • Dedication to continuous improvement of our environmental performance
  • Judicious use of methods of travel and considering other options to avoid unnecessary journeys
  • Protecting the environment from any significant negative impact arising from our work activities

Nineteen48 acknowledges and accepts its responsibility to protect the environment in all its business activities by adopting best practice industry standards and guidelines.

This policy will be reviewed periodically (at least annually) and amended as necessary to ensure that the business is doing everything it can to minimise environmental impact.

This policy statement is available to interested parties, upon request.

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