What is an ethical gemstone?

The definition of an ethical gemstone is different for everyone, although it is usually centred around sourcing a gem in a way that is kind to both the people involved and the planet / environment. To help you understand what we mean by an ethical stone, we have written an ethical policy that you can find here - https://www.nineteen48.com/ethical-policy

Are your gemstones natural?

Yes, we only supply natural (mined) gemstones.

Are your gemstones treated?

Our sapphires and rubies are often given a simple heat treatment to improve their colour and clarity. This treatment is clearly stated on the website. Blue topaz is created using radiation and heat treatment. We do not treat any of our other gemstones. 

Where are your gemstones from?

The majority of our gemstones are sourced in Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Malawi and Australia. On our website, you will also find a few gems from other countries where we have a specific contact and we are confident about the provenance of the stones.

Where are your gemstones faceted and polished?

Most of our gemstones are cut in our workshop in Sri Lanka, by our small team of experienced gem cutters. Sometimes, we will offer stones that have been cut by one of our trusted business partners at their own facilities.

Can you provide a certificate with your gems?

Yes, we can arrange for a lab certificate with any gemstone that you buy from us, but that does incur an additional fee depending on the lab used. We can always provide our own Certificate of Authenticity which is free of charge and is our guarantee to you that the gem you have purchased is genuine and responsibly sourced.

Do you ship to international customers?

Yes, we can ship to any destination, either from the UK or directly from our workshop in Sri Lanka. We use either regular mail or couriers, depending on which is most appropriate and cost effective.

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