New Gemstones from Sri Lanka & Tanzania

Welcome! You have been invited to this page to view the latest coloured gemstones from Sri Lanka & Tanzania, which we have recently bought to the UK. They are all ethically sourced and fully traceable from mines in Sri Lanka & Tanzania.

As an existing client, trade account holder or close partner, we are giving you the first view of these before we show them to anyone else. 

Please note that we expect many of these gemstones to be in high demand, so if you are interested please get in touch in one of the following ways:

These products are not on the website to purchase currently, but they will be soon.

When you make an enquiry please specify which reference number and we can get back to you.

We are still processing these gemstones, but we wanted to make you aware of them as soon as possible.

We are happy to provide more information as we haven't got around to putting all the details online yet and will be taking more videos/photos soon.

This is a long page. The first list shows our gems from Tanzania and the second list (towards the lower part of the page) are the gems from Sri Lanka.

MOYO GEMS: Coloured Gemstones From Tanzania 

These gemstones are the FIRST ever gemstones bought to market as part of the amazing Moyo Gemstones project ( These are responsibly sourced gemstones from the female miners of the Umba Valley, Tanzania. Use the following links to read more about this project:

Reference: 01, Rhodolite Garnet
Reference: 02, Rhodolite Garnet
Reference: 03, Yellow Tourmaline
Reference: 04, Rhodolite Garnet
Reference: 05, Rhodolite Garnet
Reference: 06,  Rhodolite Garnet
Reference: 07, Red/Orange Garnet
Reference: 08,  Rhodolite Garnet
Reference: 09, Rhodolite Garnet
Reference: 10,  Orange Garnet

Reference: 11, Orange/Red Garnet

Reference: 12, Orange/Red Garnet

Reference: 13,  Rhodolite Garnet
Reference: 14,  Rhodolite Garnet
Reference: 15,  Rhodolite Garnet
Reference: 16,  Rhodolite Garnet
Reference: 17,  Rhodolite Garnet
Reference: 18,  Green Tourmaline
Reference: 19,  Green Tourmaline
Reference: 20,  Green Tourmaline
Reference: 21,  Green Tourmaline
Reference: 22,  Green Tourmaline
Reference: 23,  Rhodolite Garnet
Reference: 24,  Rhodolite Garnet
Reference: 25,  Rhodolite Garnet
Reference: 26,  Rhodolite Garnet
Reference: 27,  Rhodolite Garnet
Reference: 28,  Green Tourmaline

Coloured Gemstones From Sri Lanka 

Reference: 33, 5.0 mm Round Blue Sapphires
Reference: 34, 4.0 mm Round Blue Sapphires
Reference: 35, 3.5 mm Round Blue Sapphires
Reference: 36, 3.0 mm Round Blue Sapphires
Reference: 37, Various Blue Sapphires
Reference: 38, Hexagon Sapphires
Reference: 39, Various Pear Blue Sapphires
Reference: 40, Pink Sapphire
Reference: 41, 5.0 x 4.0 mm Oval Pink Sapphires
Reference: 42, 5.0 mm to 6.5 mm PInk Sapphires
Reference: 43, Peridot
Reference: 44, Peridot
Reference: 45, Peridot
Reference: 46, White Topaz
Reference: 47, White Topaz
Reference: 48, White Topaz
Reference: 49, Various Spinels
Reference: 50, Various Sapphires
Reference: 51, Various Sapphires 

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