Pink Sapphire

Pink sapphire is a member of the corundum family of gemstones, which also includes ruby and is formed from two chemical elements, aluminium and oxygen. These elements are the “ingredients” required to form sapphire crystals. Although pure corundum is colourless, when trace elements of chromium are present during the crystal formation, the result is pink sapphire.

On the Mohs scale of hardness, sapphire is rated as a 9, making it second only to diamond on this scale which measures its resistance to scratching. This is one of the reasons why sapphire is a popular choice in jewellery that is worn regularly, such as engagement rings.

The majority of pink sapphires on the market today have been heat treated in some way to improve their colour and/or clarity. Heat treatment in a gas or electric furnace is now a standard procedure in the gem industry.

Pink sapphire can be found in a number of other locations around the world including Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Australia and Tanzania.

There is a belief that pink sapphire crystals can strengthen the emotional well-being of the person wearing jewellery made with the gems by removing emotional obstacles from the wearer's past and releasing painful or distressing experiences. Removing these blockages may allow the person to experience more positive energy, promoting emotional healing.

Sapphires have been referred to as gemstones of truth and honesty, enabling people to make better and more beneficial decisions in their lives.

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