Tanzanian Red Garnet 16.95ct Fancy Cut (Hexadecagon / 16-sided)

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A large, deep red garnet, responsibly mined by a member of the Tanzanian Women Miners' Association (TAWOMA) in the Tanga region in north-east Tanzania as part of the Moyo Gemstones project and traceable back to the individual miner. The unusual 16-sided cut was produced at our own workshop in Sri Lanka.

The stone has some slight damage on the girdle and a tiny imperfection on the table and it is priced accordingly.

Type: Garnet
Source: Tanga, Tanzania
Enhancements: None
Birthstone: January
Transparency: Transparent
Clarity:  Eye clean

Colour: Red
Weight: 16.95 carats
Dimension (mm): 16.6 x 13.3 x 9.0
Shape/Cut: Fancy Cut (Hexadecagon / 16-sided)

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