Yellow Sapphire

Fancy yellow sapphires are becoming very popular choice for engagement rings. Their bright colour, stunning sparkle and not just pretty, provide an affordable choice. With the popularity of yellow diamonds growing year by year, a yellow sapphire offer a popular alternative for an engagement ring. Yellow sapphires come in a wide range of yellows from light to dark, with a great varity of shades and cuts. No question why yellow sapphires are one of the top choices for modern jewellery.

Yellow Sapphire is Very Durable. Because sapphire is a very hard and scratch resistant mineral, yellow sapphire engagement rings are very durable. On the Mohs Scale of Hardness, a sapphire is rated as a 9, which makes it the second hardest natural stone used in jewellery

You can see the range of yellow sapphire cuts, tones, and size below. 

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