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Fairtrade logo on a gold wedding band

A campaign to change lives? “I DO” says Fairtrade Gold

On Wednesday 14th January, 2015, the Fairtrade Foundation launched its “I DO” campaign in London. The initiative aims to raise $1 million from sales of wedding rings made with Fairtrade Gold to support artisanal gold miners in some of the world’s poorest countries. To reach their target, an estimated 100,000 wedding rings will need to […]

Gary Seneviratne at mine in Sri Lanka

Keeping it clean – what does it mean to be ethical in the world of gem mining?

Ethics is a complex concept that means different things to different people and in different industries. For the world of gemstones and jewellery many of the ethical issues we face stem from the tough, uncompromising and distinctly unglamorous world of gem mining. It is fair to say that “ethics” is not a word that is […]

Watermelon tourmaline (photo Gemstone Magic)

A colour for every occasion – the rainbow world of tourmaline

Although tourmaline is not the rarest of gems and is often seen in jewellery, not many people appreciate the entire colour range of this fascinating family of minerals. Tourmaline occurs all over the world. Primary deposits are found in many countries, most notably Brazil (all colours), Afghanistan (blue and green) and the USA (green and […]